BodyMetrixWR For Wrestlers

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Accurate Body Composition for Wrestlers

The BodyMetrixWR System combines a hand-held ultrasound probe with innovative software to accurately and consistently measure body composition in high school wrestlers. The BodyMetrixWR System has been validated and is recommended by the NWCA (National Wrestling Coaches Association). Assessments take only minutes and are not affected by hydration, exercise level or caffeine intake. Since this hand-held device can be plugged into your Windows or Mac laptop, or Windows Surface Pro tablet, you can take assessments anywhere.

Assessment & Features with the BodyMetrixWR System:

Measure Body Composition (%BF)
Track %BF and individual point fat thickness.
Calcuate Minimum Wrestling weight.
Upload to NWCA optimal activity calculator.
Body Scans (Track Fat Loss & Muscle Gain)

What's Included:

BodyMetrix Professional Device
Link to Download BodyViewWR Software which includes Training videos
1 bottle of BodyMetrix Ultrasound Gel
2-Year Limited Warranty

Intended Users:

High Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Computer Requirements:

Compatible with Windows & Mac, Laptop and Desktop
Compatible with Windows Surface Pro Tablets
Min 1GB of RAM with 500MB available
USB Port



BodyMetrixWR, Accurate Wrestler Body Composition in a convenient Portable system.